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Sunday, January 2, 2022

2021 EAN Product Of The Year!
Rogue Audio Tube Combo!
RP-5/RP-7 Preamps,
Stereo 100 Power Amp

You Pick It !
A Rogue  Audio Tube Combo:
RP-5 oRP-7 Tube Preamp 
With Rogue Audio Stereo 100 Amp

  “For 25 years, Rogue Audio has delivered classy, true-to-the music, tube designs in various configurations. The Stereo 100 and either of the aforementioned RP series preamps are a perfect pairing if you want the classic smoothness of tubes with a dose of tight, dynamic and a consistent airy sonic presentation.
  The Stereo 100 is a one terrific amplifier, utilizing KT120 output tubes, ultra-linear or triode operation, adjustable bias and a complement of quality audiophile grade of parts that is a pure treat for your favorite speakers. And it ain’t that expensive, considering the premium performance. You combine it with either the RP-7 12AU7-based preamp ($4,995), or the slightly more Euphonic RP-9’s 6H30P tube-based design $7,995) (both pre’s with plenty of connection options), and you get the gorgeous, but gentle accuracy that Rogue tube products are all about.
  Whether its vinyl, digital media, streaming, or a great Classical station from your favorite tuner, the audio listening experience is always satisfying with a pairing of Rogue’s.”
—John Gatski

 EAN Founder John Gatski has been evaluating consumer, audiophile, home cinema and professional audio gear since 1988. In 1995, he created Pro Audio Review, and he has written for Sound-On-Sound, Audio, Laserviews, Enjoy The Music, The Audiophile Voice, High Performance Review, Radio World and TV Technology. Everything Audio Network is based in Kensington, Md. Articles on this site are the copyright of the ©Everything Audio Network. Any unauthorized use, via print or Internet, without written permission is prohibited. John Gatski can be reached via email:

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