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Friday, January 11, 2013

Worth Searching For...
AudioControl Concert AVR-4:
The Most Audiophile Receiver
That You Likely Never Heard

The AVR-4 Is A Rewarding Audio Treat
Find One If You Can!

by John Gatski

  On occasion, I discover terrific audio products whose life cycle ends too quickly (manufacturer ceases production, moves on to next model, etc). Out with the old/in with new is inevitable in the competitive environment of audio gear, but I still lament. Take the AudioControl AVR-4. It was introduced in January 2012, and is now being phased out to make way for a new model later this year. About a month’s supply is out at dealers, according to AC.
  Based on a trial in my home cinema room, I will boldly state that the AVR-4 is the best sounding receiver I have ever auditioned! Sure, there are many good ones — even at lower prices, but if dollars are no object, and you have audiophile taste in home theater components. this one is a keeper. With well-designed A/V sections (but not overly belled and whistled), and a superb Class-H amp section, the 7.1 channel AVR-4‘s sonics are worthy of audiophile separates’ status.

 Based on a trial in my home cinema room, I will boldly state that the AVR-4 is the best sounding receiver I ever auditioned!

  Sure, this install-oriented receiver is $8,000 retail (as low as $6,000 at select dealers), but in the audiophile realm that sum is not a pie-in-the-sky price, plus you are getting 3-D, streaming options and custom features that make for an enhanced viewing and listening experience. Also, continual GUI and software upgrades made the AVR-4 an easier-to-operate over previous versions of the receiver. Ditto on its preamp brother the Maestro M4, which is still active in the AC lineup.
  If you are patient, you can wait for the newer version, but If you can’t wait, type the model number into your search engine and push enter. You might get lucky and find a new AVR-4 at a dealer (or even a used one). Hopefully, AudioControl's next version AVR will be at least as good as the AVR-4. Based on my 20 years of reviewing their products, that is likely, but in the interim, if you can find an AVR-4 today, I say go for it. More info at AudioControl Concert AVR-4.

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