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Monday, June 18, 2012

Audiophile Amplifier Preview!
Bob Carver LLC Introduces
20-Watt WPC Stereo Tube Amp

Bob Carver's Black Magic 20

by John Gatski
Audio industry veteran Bob Carver has introduced a new stereo tube amplifier, the Black Magic 20, through his company, Bob Carver LLC.
The vintage-looking VTA20S, (think of old Fisher or Macs) is a EL84-based amp, and will be built in Kentucky. Features include point-to-point wiring, auto-bias and low idle current. Carver says his new amp features premium parts and a special power supply, which contributes to its open, sonic signature. The amp's specs show that the VTA20 is surprisingly light at 17 pounds.
The Black Magic 20 joins other Bob Carver LLC products including the Black Beauty 305 and (VTA305M) and Cherry 180 (VTA180M). Click Bob Carver VTA20S for more info.

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