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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Breaking News!
Digital Pioneer Tom Jung Joins EAN

A professional audio engineer for almost 50 years (Sound 80, DMP Records), Tom Jung now reviews home theater, audiophile and high-end recording gear for the Everything Audio Network, testing products from his home in North Carolina. His first review will be posted on Friday, July10.
Mr. Jung began his professional audio engineering career in the early 1960s and went on to co-found the famous Minneapolis-based Sound 80 studio, that recorded such artists as Cat Stevens, Leo Kottke and Bob Dylan. Known to most in the audio biz as TJ, he moved to New York in 1979 as a freelance engineer — recording movie scores (Cotton Club, Annie) and working with several pop labels. In 1983, he created DMP (Digital Music Products), which was one of the first labels to record jazz with the fledgling digital PCM technology used for CDs. DMP recorded and created CDs for numerous top-tier jazz acts. He received a Grammy in 2001 for the Bob Mintzer Big BandHomage to Count Basie.
Always in pursuit of the next generation of better-sounding audio technology, Tom Jung worked with PCM up to 24-bit. In the late 1990s, he switched to the DSD (Direct Stream Digital) system and recorded some of the best-sounding stereo and multichannel high-resolution titles ever produced.
I met TJ in 1995 shortly after the launch of Pro Audio Review (PAR), which I had recently created for IMAS Publishing. Tom became one of my primary high-end reviewers (amplifiers, speakers amplifiers and digital converters, recorders, software). He fell in love with the DSD system after a Sony demo in NY City, which we both attended in 1996. He produced a number of splendid DSD-recorded discs for DMP that I still use as high-res demos to this day: Steve DavisQuality of Your Silence, Joe Beck and Ally RyersonAlto; and Bob MinzterGently to name a few.
Tom worked with me at PAR, and now he is joining me here at the EAN to continue our collaboration to deliver credible audio product reviews via the web. Besides home cinema he will also cover audiophile and high-end recording. Tom can be reached at

—John Gatski

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Devlon said...

Welcome Tom, and congrads EAN on getting Tom on board here! Out of any list of reviews, I always go for the Tom Jung reviews first. Tom's reviews are always informative, detailed, insightful, experience based, and offer a depth that satisfies the audiophile mind.