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Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Second Opinion!
Vinyl Dubbing Made Easy With
KORG DS-DAC-10R/AudioGate4

LP Vinyl Dubbing A/D-D/A
Read more about DS-DAC-10R: Click Here!

by John Gatski
  I have have been using KORG AudioGate app on Mac for five years with various KORG DACs, and prior to that I was the first reviewer to evaluate KORG's original hand-held MR-1 DSD recorder.
  The new KORG DS-DAC-10R and AudioGate4 software make for a surprisingly high-quality computer vinyl rip setup. Pro caliber, if you will, and you can use it to dub other analog sources such as your cassette collection (8-tracks?). The A/D-DAC unit gives you all the tools: high-quality conversion for DSD or PCM, onboard phono preamp and the USB link to your computer.
  AudioGate4, although feature filled, is really easy to navigate and setup for recording, editing and playback. Once your LP tracks are recorded (all at once or one by one), you can easily edit them to a comprehensive play list that plays back via the AudioGate4 software on your computer or smart device. Or you can play it all back on almost any of the popular software players.

DS-DAC-10R dubbed my original FCA LP 

  I had a ball recording via the KORG and playing a dub of my original Frampton Comes Alive double LP (better sounding than the SACD release) on my Android tablet using USB Audio Player Pro and a Benchmark DAC3-DX.
  The DAC quality is excellent on either DSD or PCM, rivaling units that are a grand or more. If you record a great-sounding record, the KORG DS-DAC-10R systems guarantees you a pristine-sounding dub. Highly recommended and an Everything Audio Network Stellar Sound Award winner.

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